Veget’all ®


Carte Holder 
Biosourced & Biodegradable

The eco-responsible card holder. Without petroleum product, biodegradable, made in France from French corn.

Biosourced, Biodegradable & Made in France

VEGET’ALL® is a rigid card holder, it protects the cards of your client or your team.

This case in the hands of your customers will highlight the eco-responsible commitment of your company.

This 100% biodegradable product (standard EN14995), 100% of plant origin, made in France will develop your brand image and the sustainable development aspect of your business.

100% Biosourced

Unique material composed entirely of natural ingredients.


Biodegradable (NF 14995 certified by SERBIO).

French Corn

Cultivated and transformed in France less than 100km from the place of harvest.

Made in France

Our company has more than 30 years of know-how. Veget’all is biodegradable and very resistant!

Fully customizable

VEGET’ALL® is a fully customizable rigid card case.

Large choice of colors of bio-based plastic, customization of the logo and message in relief.

It is above all a powerful marketing tool, your image accompanies your client, user or collaborator in everyday life.

Useful and lasting goodies with an extraordinary handling (a card is used more than every other day).

Some examples of customization

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