Corporate gifts, why choose personalized card holders?

We have already presented it to you in the top 3 of truly ecological advertising objects. Whether it is to please your customers or partners, a personalized eco-responsible card holder always produces its effect: it is differentiating and useful.

Our card holders are remarkable goodies that offer many advantages, here are a few:

  • It’s a useful advertising item that changes habits!

Forget the pens that are distributed by all companies. Protective card cases are not common and have the advantage of being useful. They protect the bank card, the vital card or the transport card of your client (or your employee). Still little known, the card holder often surprises and even more when it is concerned about the environment.

  • It is an eco-responsible advertising object

Ecology is an important criterion for the vast majority of people. Polluting objects and petroleum materials are strongly criticized. With our brand Veget’all® we produce ecological advertising objects, without petroleum product and 100% biodegradable in France. This concept will appeal to your customers and is part of your CSR policy. If you want to see more clearly in the jargon related to recyclable, biodegradable products (and others) and their fate we have written this little article.

  • It has a high rate of handling

On average in France a credit card is used 4.8 times a week. This figure increases with younger or more urban populations. The protective case when personalized allows your brand to be visible several times a week.

  • Always in your client’s pocket or bag

The bank card is everyday within reach of its owner. It is rare to see an advertising object as visible and as close to your consumer.

  • Save money

Corporate gifts are an extremely profitable method of advertising. As they are generally kept and used quite frequently, the cost per impression is minimal compared to other forms of mass media or targeted advertising.

  • Generate more leads

By displaying your company logo, name and contact information on a card holder, you increase awareness, interest and curiosity for your business.

You now have 6 good reasons to contact us for more information.