Veget’all ®


Protection of cards & badges
100% biodegradable et 100% biosourced

APCards specialist since 1992!

We have been manufacturing card holders, protective cases and accessories for cards since 1992. We are true experts in this field. The breadth and depth of our range are there to meet the needs of professionals.

The whole APCards range is not yet fully available in Veget’all® material. However with our brand Veget’all® we have and we can develop several products meeting the expectations of our customers!

You can find below our 100% eco-responsible products!

“With Veget’all®, go even further in your environmental initiatives”


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Card cases suitable for professionals

Administration & Transport

Communities, Schools, Urban Transport, Prefectures, Town Halls …


Hospitals, EHPAD, Maternities …

Tourism & leisure

Hotels, Campsites, Swimming pools, Sports clubs, Gyms, Holiday clubs …


Large companies, Airlines, Protected sites, Public works …


Customer gift, Birthday, Trade fairs, Exhibition, Concerts, Festival …

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