At the service of communication: Ecological goodies

Is your company concerned about the environment, do you want to communicate better, are you looking for original goodies and advertising items to highlight your commitment to sustainable development? Discover eco-responsible promotional items!

  • What is an eco-responsible promotional item?

Respecting the environment also means launching your marketing campaigns in an eco-responsible manner! Eco-responsible promotional items, also called ecological goodies, are items made with materials of natural origin, biobased, biodegradable and / or recyclable.

These products have a reduced footprint on the environment and are in perfect harmony with sustainable commitments and responsible purchasing.

Choosing eco-responsible goodies means giving an ethical dimension to your communication and advertising campaigns by emphasizing your commitment to sustainable development!

Advertising objects are essential for communication. Unfortunately, most of the goodies available on the market are of Asian origin. These objects present two problems, they come from very far and they are manufactured with products of synthetic origin like the derivatives of petrochemistry. In addition, environmental standards and standards related to product components are not as strict and controlled as in France.

In short, if you want to put nature at the heart of your communication, choose eco-friendly goodies that generate less impact on the environment throughout their production, storage and distribution cycles. To help you in your choice, we have drawn up a top 3 of (really) ecological advertising objects.

  • Why use ecological advertising objects?

The advantages of ecological goodies are manifold. Beyond their originality and their excellent quality, they allow to convey true values of sustainable development.

Let’s be honest, the choice of eco-responsible goodies is also a strategic choice!

It is the image of your business that is conveyed through the media object that you select. With a mug, your business will be conventional … On the other hand, with a terracotta pot made in France including organic seeds to grow, you mark the consumer mind much more!

If you are original and eco-responsible in choosing your customer gifts, your brand will remain in the memory of your consumer. You will gain more sympathy and recommendation from your prospect.

Ecological, recyclable, biodegradable, bio-based quésaco? To understand everything, we wrote this little article.

  • How to choose your eco-responsible promotional items?

Do your marketing partners rely on these eco-objects? Are you wondering what ecological goodies to offer and distribute to customers and employees? To make the right choice, you need to consider:

  • Your target : Would you like to offer your ecological advertising items to men or women? What is their number and age range? Are they sensitive to nature? Do they have a common passion? What are their needs ? These first questions are decisive in making the right choice!
  • The occasion : Are the promotional items you wish to acquire useful for all circumstances or for specific and occasional events (product launch, seminar, trade fair, open house, etc.)?
  • Quality : What could be more annoying than a product that does not work for a long time, than a fragile or poorly manufactured product? If you offer this kind of product, your company’s image will be tarnished.
  • The ecological aspect : advertising objects, dedicated to clean and environmentally friendly communication, should be durable (long life), recyclable or even better biodegradable! Producing “disposable” is now very frowned upon by the French.
  • Made in France : It is synonymous with a job well done. If your company is based in France, it is in your best interest to favor local manufacturing. Finally, the manufacture of goodies makes it possible to limit the transport and the carbon footprint of these advertising objects.
  • What is a good promotional item?

In conclusion, green goodies, easy to store and distribute, were designed and manufactured to promote the circular economy and to minimize the wastage of natural resources. In fact, 75% of consumers expect companies, whatever their field of activity, to take effective measures for sustainable development.

Always remember that a meaningful promotional item will allow you to create buy-in to your products, services, concept and brand image!

A good advertising object is a good communication campaign. Keep in mind that communication by object has an excellent return on investment and a very competitive average cost per contact!